Saturday, May 23, 2015

How to find lines not containing (matching) a string in Notepad++

 In Notepad++, you might have a requirement to find or replace lines which do NOT match a particular string.
Lets say you have the following lines in your text file - and you would like to the find lines NOT containing the string "USA"

Apple - USA
Airbus - France
Google -USA
SAP - Germany

For this, you will have to use the Notepad++ Regex find option

Here's how:
  • Press Ctrl + F to pop open the Find dialog box
  • Select the Regular Expression radio button
  • Type in the find box : ^(?!.*USA).*$ 
  • Now find or replace.
Here are couple of awesome books to understand more about Regular expressions :

Here's a screenshot of my notepad++ screen.



Tom said...

How did you get that extra view at the bottom showing the results of the search?

custom assignment service said...

I don’t use notepad but I’m sure you helped all those who were facing this problem. Thank you for posting clear, step by step instructions.